Big Shott Magazine (BSM) is your PREMIERE motorcycle magazine.  Our up close and personal in-depth interviews will allow readers to have a front seat into the lifestyle of Motorcycle Clubs from across the nation.  BigShott Magazine (BSM) provides our readers with the most current information, and the history of a culture that has survived decades.  The one thing you will absolutely enjoy while reading each article is the varying dynamics within the biker culture. We will feature some of the most creative features and upgrades of custom bikes the biker community will ever see!


The one thing WE know for sure is that the horse power per bike may vary. The custom features per bike will vary. Even the bike club names will vary. However, the common denominator that serves as the unified front in our biker culture is our love and passion for riding!  Take a walk with BSM down a rider’s lane. Together, we will discover the joy and the indelible pleasure created when attention to detail is applied on every level which will allow us to see that a bike and a MC means so much more than its name!